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Reduce the effort required to build high-quality microservices on complex data domains down from many months to a few hours.

Building data backends is slowing your modernization

Many modernization initiatives involve decomposing the monolith into domain-oriented microservices serving multiple products and apps. Eventually, this becomes a tangled mess of complexity.  

  • Data teams building and operating the microservices to expose domain data become the bottleneck.
  • Product teams struggle with integrating data from decentralized domain APIs, and end up duplicating efforts to compose domain APIs into custom experience layers or backends for frontends.
End Result

Enterprises are slow (or worse, not able) to ship new experiences!


Instantly build rock-solid data APIs

Hasura removes the biggest blocker in this modernization effort – building and operating microservices to deliver domain data.

Check out the following benefits your teams unlock with Hasura DDN:

  • Data teams can instantly publish a flexible, composable GraphQL (or REST) API on data via a low-code experience. Declaratively configure how you want to expose your domain data with an API, and Hasura autogenerates an API for you.
  • Hasura generates an API that is performance-optimized, protected with your specified authorization logic, and production-ready with built-in runtime security controls and observability.
  • APIs are automatically deployed on a distributed edge infrastructure delivering reliability, scalability, and global low latency for high-concurrency workloads.
  • Product teams get a unified access point to easily compose and join data from various domains and create their custom experience layer, without being blocked on the backend teams.

DDN supports an incremental approach to modernization, where you start with just one data domain or product at a time.


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2024 Edition

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A GraphQL Handbook for developers and architects to help plan your GraphQL adoption journey.
The GraphQL Handbook

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