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Hasura SupportSupport
07 December, 2020
GraphQL Contributor Days

GraphQL Contributor Days is back again and online!

An online discussion about the state of GraphQL and important updates from core contributors and authors of various libraries and frameworks in the GraphQL Community.
14 October, 2020

Hasura Joins Hacktoberfest: 3rd year in a row!

Hasura joins Hacktoberfest 3rd year in a row to celebrate open-source with the community and encourage contributions.
24 September, 2020

Partnering with Well Typed and investing in the Haskell community

Hasura’s core engine is built in Haskell. Although a seemingly risky choice initially, our choice of spending our innovation token / golden ticket to build with Haskell had paid off well.
08 September, 2020
GraphQL Fireside Chats

Announcing another set of GraphQL Fireside Chats: a Special Series of Online Events

A series of live streamed panel discussions about GraphQL and its ecosystem. This edition explores using GraphQL along with Angular, React, Vue and Relay.
16 July, 2020

Speak at a conference or meetup about Hasura. We’ll help!

If you’re speaking at a conference or a meetup about Hasura, we can help you prep, send you swag to give away, and also help with the logistics Reach out to us.
06 February, 2020

GraphQL Contributor Days is back - join us for our frontend frameworks edition!

GraphQL Contributor Days is back. This edition will focus on the front end! The event will be live streamed on 8th Aug August 9am PST.
Contributor DaysCommunity
10 July, 2019

GraphQL Contributor Days is back!

GraphQL Contributor Days is back by popular demand! We are thrilled to announce this quarterly event in partnership with This Dot Labs and welcome those interested in the GraphQL [https://hasura.io/graphql/] ecosystem to join. The next session will be in San Francisco on Feb. 8th, 2019 from 12PM - 4:30PM. The purpose of the event is for the GraphQL community to come together and discuss some key topics in the GraphQL ecosystem, and facilitate cross collaboration within the community. As the
02 February, 2019
Open Source

Call for open-source contributions!

Calling all open-source contributors ( or would-be contributors) to come be a part of the GraphQL Engine project.
GraphQL EngineContributing
24 January, 2019

The Hasura Technical Writer Program

Write technical content about the Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL and get compensated for each post published.
Technical WriterCommunity
23 January, 2019

Speaking at a meetup or a conference about Hasura? We can help!

Looking to speak about Hasura at a conference or meetup? We can help you prep, practise and even send you swag to give away.
23 January, 2019
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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