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Hasura Metadata SDK

The Hasura Metadata SDK is a collection of type definitions for Hasura metadata in various programming languages. Users can also generate definitions in other languages if their preferred language is not readily available.
GraphQL January
21 January, 2021

Introducing - Hasura Advanced Tutorial

For quite a long period of time, our GraphQL Tutorials (colloquially referred to as ‘Learn’) have been one of the most highly trafficked areas of the website. We are pleased to introduce the Hasura Advanced Tutorial.
GraphQL JanuaryGuides And Tutorials
18 January, 2021
GraphQL January

The New Data Fabric - Enterprise GraphQL

In October of last year, Hasura held a conference entitled ‘Enterprise GraphQL Conference’ and one of the sessions was "The New Data Fabric, 2020 as a trigger for innovation"
15 January, 2021
GraphQL January

TimescaleDB 2.0 with Hasura

TimescaleDB 2.0 is a major version upgrade that has many improvements from version 1. It introduces new interesting features and capabilities, especially horizontal multi-node scaling. Because it is a PostgreSQL extension, it mostly works well with Hasura.
14 January, 2021
GraphQL January

2020 Year In Review

Understanding the recent history of a project can help ensure that you have context. Looking back on 2020 for Hasura and looking forward to what comes in the future.
12 January, 2021

GraphQL Contributor Days - #GraphQLJanuary

The goal of Contributor Days is to not only give important updates to the community, but also a forum to provide a voice for anyone using GraphQL to have direct access to core contributors and those who have implemented GraphQL solutions at a variety of company stages and sizes.
GraphQL Contributor DaysGraphQL January
11 January, 2021

GraphQL January

Beginning January 2021, Hasura will provide a wide variety of content, tutorials, streams, and more with which you can expand your GraphQL familiarity and start your adoption journey
GraphQL January
21 December, 2020
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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