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Get GraphQL API on Snowflake with Hasura – Sample App

Learn how to create a sample app using Weather data available on the Snowflake marketplace, that utilizes user-defined functions and provides instant GraphQL API in just a few steps.
Hasura CloudSample App
14 June, 2023
Best Practices

Why You Need a Multi-Cloud and Multi-Region Deployment Strategy for Distributed Postgres

Learn about multi-region, multi-cloud deployments and how Hasura lets you hide the nuances of these deployments behind its generated API abstractions.
27 March, 2023
Hasura Cloud

Achieve high availability and scalability on Hasura Cloud with Elastic Connection Pooling

Discover how elastic connection pooling helps you auto-scale Hasura Cloud to manage large amounts of API requests.
elastic connection poolingGraphQL
16 February, 2023

Introducing One Click Deploy to Hasura Cloud

We are happy to introduce One Click Deploy to Hasura Cloud, helping all our users quickly create a new project on Hasura Cloud from an existing sample app.
Hasura Cloud
08 February, 2023

Best Practices Guide for GraphQL Observability with Hasura [Part 1]

Hasura Cloud and Enterprise come out of the box with logs, tracing, and a bunch of other metrics. We will look at best practices to make use of that data for GraphQL Observability
Hasura Cloud
06 January, 2023

Introducing a native Postgres integration to Hasura Cloud in partnership with Neon

We are excited to partner with Neon to launch a new native Postgres DB integration to Hasura Cloud.
PostgresHasura Cloud
18 October, 2022

Heroku Free Tier Deprecation | Migrating to other DB vendors

In this post, we will look at how to take a backup of your Heroku Postgres DB and Hasura Metadata / Migrations so that you can migrate to a different DB vendor.
Hasura CloudMigrations
29 September, 2022

Exploring faster reads with Google AlloyDB PostgreSQL and Hasura GraphQL API

In this post, we will explore connecting to AlloyDB step by step and finally make queries to see performance impact in comparison to standard Postgres.
Google Cloud PlatformHasura Cloud
15 July, 2022

Announcing Vercel Integration with Hasura Cloud

Connect your front-end Vercel applications with a Hasura Cloud project and keep them in sync as you keep deploying changes to your projects
Hasura Cloud
11 July, 2022
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