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Moving from Self Hosted Hasura OSS to Hasura Cloud

If you are running Hasura OSS, it's very easy to migrate to Hasura Cloud. We will look at why and how to migrate in this post.
25 August, 2021
GraphQL Security

GraphQL API Security with Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud is a fully managed, globally available, auto scaling version of Hasura that also includes features specifically designed to make it easier for you to run Hasura in production. These features range from the addition of monitoring [https://hasura.io/graphql/monitoring/]/analytics features for increased observability to built-in caching [https://hasura.io/graphql/caching/] for improved performance, to a suite of security features that help you safeguard your production Hasura applica
Hasura CloudBest Practices
28 July, 2021
Hasura Cloud

Hasura vs Apollo Server vs Prisma 2

How does Hasura compare to Apollo and Prisma 2? We've taken a look at the functionality of these tools, where they live in an application and their relationships with each other!
13 July, 2021
Hasura Cloud

Hasura Cloud: the easiest way to run & manage your Hasura applications in production

We explore the features that come out of the box with Hasura Cloud that drastically reduce the ops effort required to run and manage your Hasura applications in production.
10 June, 2021
Case Study

Case Study: YCombinator Startup Athlane Uses Hasura Cloud to Increase Their Developer Velocity 200%

Athlane, an alumnus of YCombinator 2019, provides esports athletes and gamers a marketing, analytics, and e-commerce platform. Utilizing Hasura Cloud and GraphQL,they were able to quickly scale and enable their team of five developers to quickly build the leading platform in the space.
Hasura Cloud
24 May, 2021

What's new in Hasura Cloud: May 2021

Hasura Cloud gives you a fully managed, production ready GraphQL API as a service to help you build modern apps faster. You can get started in 30 seconds. Recently, along with the usual stability improvements, we introduced new regions, and tooling for better observability.
Hasura CloudGraphQL Monitoring
17 May, 2021
Hasura Cloud

How Hasura Makes Learning Code Easier - Ali Spittel @HasuraCon'20

Ali Spittel explains how using Hasura makes learning and teaching code super easy!
04 May, 2021
New Relic

Introducing Hasura Monitoring with New Relic

Introducing Hasura monitoring with New Relic as the latest APM integration. Read more about getting started with New Relic today.
ObservabilityHasura Cloud
02 April, 2021
Hasura Cloud

Hasura 2.0 Video Series

Today we are beginning a new series of videos covering Hasura 2.0, the new features, some updated features, and long standing features that were often overlooked.
15 March, 2021
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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