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Building a GraphQL to SQL Compiler on Postgres, MS SQL and MySQL

The release of Hasura 2.0 included one of the most exciting features to date - multiple database backends, and in particular, support for our first new backend, Microsoft SQL Server. On the face of it, this probably seems like a relatively straightforward change.
29 April, 2021

Query hierarchical data structures on Hasura with Postgres ltree

Introducing `ltree` operator support in Hasura This post introduces support in Hasura 2.0 for queries on hierarchical data structures, with the help of Postgres `ltree` operators. It includes several examples, so we recommend that you create a new project in Hasura Cloud to try them out.
21 April, 2021

Using Postgres for Cron

How to use Postgres and your application server to build a flexible and robust cron system ourselves with a few lines of code!
11 March, 2021

Building a UI for PostgreSQL Database Migrations

In this post we look back at the journey of building a UI for generating database migrations with a focus on ease of use, developer experience, productivity and the design choices we made to build this system.
06 February, 2020

The pros and cons of updatable views in PostgreSQL

In this post, I will cover the following: What are updatable views, How Hasura used updatable views, Key problems with updatable views (from a Hasura point of view) and Moving away from updatable views
31 January, 2020

Blazing Fast GraphQL Execution with Query Caching & Postgres Prepared Statements

In this post, we will look at important performance considerations for building apps at scale and how we leveraged PostgreSQL query caching and prepared statements to improve performance.
PostgreSQLHigh Performance
30 January, 2020

Build react-static sites using GraphQL on Postgres

Source data from your existing postgres database for your react-static site using GraphQL APIs. Instant setup. Tutorial/boilerplate.
12 February, 2019

Working with schemaless data using GraphQL on Postgres

Exploit Postgres schemaless JSON types in your GraphQL queries using the open-source Hasura GraphQL Engine.
14 May, 2018

GraphQL and Tree Data Structures with Postgres on Hasura GraphQL engine

Modelling a tree data structure on postgres and using GraphQL to add and get data from the tree.
08 May, 2018
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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