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Top psql commands and flags you need to know | PostgreSQL

This post will teach you the top psql commands and flags you need to know when working with PostgreSQL.
01 November, 2022

PostgreSQL 15 released: Top things to know

Postgres just announced the stable release of their latest major version, 15. Learn what has changed and try it out with Hasura today!
13 October, 2022

Top PostgreSQL Database Free Tier Solutions

If you are looking for free solutions to host your Postgres database, you are in the right place! We did a bit of research for the best Postgres providers you can use for free.
13 October, 2022

GraphQL Authorization with Hasura: How to prevent mutations after a time interval

A guide on how to use PostgreSQL Triggers and Column Comparison operators in Hasura to prevent users from updating rows after a time interval.
04 August, 2021

Comparison of Managed PostgreSQL Providers: AWS RDS vs Google Cloud SQL vs Azure PostgreSQL

We’ll be talking about managed Postgres cloud providers and measure them on various parameters like High Availability, Auto Scaling, Versions and Extensions support, Automated Backups, Monitoring and Metrics, Security and finally the costs.
19 July, 2021

Top PostgreSQL Flavours and Extensions that work with Hasura

In this post, we will look at the different flavours and extensions of Postgres that cater to specific use cases and how Hasura supports them natively.
29 June, 2021

Things you wish you knew about PostgreSQL for building an app

I had posted this question on platforms like Twitter, HackerNews and Reddit and got some interesting responses. In this post, I'm collating a bunch of these discussions to help frontend or full stack developers work better with PostgreSQL for their app.
21 June, 2021

Building a GraphQL to SQL Compiler on Postgres, MS SQL and MySQL

The release of Hasura 2.0 included one of the most exciting features to date - multiple database backends, and in particular, support for our first new backend, Microsoft SQL Server. On the face of it, this probably seems like a relatively straightforward change.
29 April, 2021

Query hierarchical data structures on Hasura with Postgres ltree

Introducing `ltree` operator support in Hasura This post introduces support in Hasura 2.0 for queries on hierarchical data structures, with the help of Postgres `ltree` operators. It includes several examples, so we recommend that you create a new project in Hasura Cloud to try them out.
21 April, 2021
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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