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Complexity tradeoffs with GraphQL and BFFs: What MVC can teach us [infographic]

Where does the Backend for Frontend (BFF) and related tools fit in your stack? Understand how teams can scale, and what the separation of concerns should be, by tracing their evolution step by step, through MVC, GraphQL, to BFFs and React Server Components.
GraphQLBackend for Frontend
01 September, 2023

Scaling frontend app teams using Relay

Learn how to use modern technologies and ideas like Relay and Backend for Frontend, to scale out frontend applications and teams.
GraphQLBackend for Frontend
31 August, 2023
SQL Server

Ship faster using SQL Server stored procedures with Hasura GraphQL Engine

Explore the benefits of adding support for SQL Server stored procedures to the Hasura GraphQL Engine, along with some compelling use cases.
Stored ProceduresGraphQL
03 August, 2023
Client Side Nullability

The why of GraphQL Client Side Nullability in Examples

A quick exposition of how client side nullability can inform client component design through comprehensive examples.
19 July, 2023
API automation

API Automation in Healthcare with Hasura

In this post, we will look at how low-code API approaches like Hasura helps accelerate the modernization journey of applications in the healthcare space.
health careGraphQL
27 June, 2023
Schema Registry

Breeze through collaboration with the Hasura Schema Registry

The Hasura Schema Registry is a version control system for your Hasura GraphQL schema. This shows you the difference between two subsequent versions of your GraphQL schema so you can audit and release API changes to production with confidence.
21 June, 2023
Data Connector

Announcing our MongoDB Data Connector (Beta)

We're thrilled to announce our first foray into NoSQL and GraphQL, starting with a beta launch of our MongoDB data connector.
21 June, 2023

Hasura Data Delivery Network and other big news at HasuraCon 2023

These product advancements are taking leaps forward into the world of development to come. Ready to celebrate some true Hasura goodness?
21 June, 2023

Introducing Aggregation Queries for Computed Fields

Hasura's GraphQL API on PostgreSQL now supports comparison and numeric aggregation functions (such as min, max, sum, stddev and so on) on computed fields.
15 June, 2023
The fastest way to get started with Hasura is to try out one of our many online tutorials. It’s free!
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