Course Introduction

This course is a super fast introduction to model and think about Authentication with Hasura GraphQL.


  • You should have some familiarity with Hasura to quickly dive into the Authentication sections that this course focuses on. In case you are new to Hasura, we recommend you go over the Introduction to Hasura Backend Course before taking this.

What will I learn?

This course will help you understand how to think about integrating Authentication providers with Hasura. There are step by step guides for many of the popular Authentication providers that work well with Hasura.

What do I need to take this tutorial?

  • Node.js 12+ installed to setup the Auth Server later.
  • An instance of Hasura running either on Hasura Cloud or somewhere publicly accessible so that you can configure JWT secrets.

We've kept this course light on developer workflows and environment choices so that you can focus on the key concepts and go on to set up your favorite tools and workflows.

How long will this tutorial take?

This should take around 30 mins since you can pick and choose which authentication provider you want to configure and try it out for that specific integration.

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