Transact-SQL Data Types

Data types define what type of data the table cell will hold.

Data types

Data type categoryData type
Exact numericsbigint, numeric, bit, smallint, decimal, smallmoney, int, tinyint, money
Approximate numericsfloat, real
Date and timedate, datetimeoffset, datetime2, smalldatetime, datetime, time
Character stringschar, varchar, text
Unicode character stringsnchar, nvarchar, ntext
Binary stringsbinary, varbinary, image
Other data typescursor, rowversion, hierarchyid, uniqueidentifier, sql_variant, table

Refer the MS article on Data types (Transact-SQL) for a complete list and their definitions.

Next Steps

Run the T-SQL queries to interact with MS SQL Server.

This tutorial demonstrates all the examples in the query editor available in MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on a Windows2019 Server.

You can execute the example T-SQL queries in both Linux and Mac OS using the sqlcmd utility running on your OS or on a Docker container; depending upon the type of MS SQL Server installation.

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