Adobe Commerce (Magento) GraphQL API

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that enables you to run an online store.

Magento GraphQL Endpoint

Magento stores come with GraphQL support as an alternative to REST and SOAP APIs.

The GraphQL endpoint of your store should be http://<magento-store-url>/graphql.

Note: Check the Magento documentation to ensure your store supports GraphQL. Also, consult the documentation to learn how to enable GraphQL for your Magento store.

Add Magento as Remote Schema

In the console of your Hasura project, go to the "Remote Schemas" page and click on the "Add" button.

On the new page:

  • Choose a name for the remote schema - for example my-magento-store
  • Enter your the URL of your GraphQL API - http://<magento-store-url>/graphql
  • Press the button "Add Remote Schema" to save the remote schema

You are done and you can use the newly-created remote schema.

Released: June 10, 2021
Developed by: Adobe
Category: Ecommerce