GraphCMS GraphQL API

Copy your API endpoint

  1. Get the Content API endpoint from your project API access settings.
    "GraphCMS get endpoint location" "GraphCMS get endpoint"
  2. Add your endpoint to Hasura's remote API config.
    "Hasura add remote endpoint"

If your API is open, your work is done. If your API is not open, continue below.

Set your content access controls (optional)

If your project is not open to all (Public API Permissions), then you will want to create a Permanent Auth Token.

  1. Inside your API access settings, click "Create token". Give it a name, and set the stage which content should be delivered from - typically "Published".
    "Create Token" "Name Token" "Create Permissions"
  2. Set your Content API Permissions. You can initialize the defaults (read all published models with all locales), or configure specific models in which Hasura can access.
    "API Permisions"
  3. Then add the following Authorization header to the remote schema config: Authorization: Bearer GRAPHCMS_TOKEN_HERE "Adding API access settings"
Released: June 10, 2021
Developed by: GraphCMS
Category: CMS