Webiny GraphQL API

Webiny is Open-Source Serverless Enterprise CMS. It Includes a Headless CMS, Page Builder, Form Builder, and File Manager.

Adding Webiny as Remote Schema

  • Get the Webiny GraphQL API Endpoint:

    You can visit the API Playground from your Webiny Admin Area application:


    Here you will see the Main API, Headless CMS - Manage/Read/Preview API GraphQL URL.
    Copy the GraphQL URL that you would like to access from Hasura.

  • Get the API Key You will need this Key to access the GraphQL API. Please follow this document to create the API Key.

  • Now go to the Hasura Project Console, head to Remote Schemas, and enter the GraphQL Server URL you copied from the API Playground.

    Select the 'Forward all headers from client' option

    Under Additional Headers,
    Enter the header name as Authorization and in value use the following:

    Authorization: Bearer <your-Webiny-API-key>
  • All set, now Press the Add Remote Schema button to add the remote schema, that's it!

Released: February 08, 2022
Developed by: Webiny
Category: CMS