Airtable is a well loved, no-code information manager used by companies of all sizes to perform many different workloads. Leverage Airtable data through Hasura's API ecosystem by using this action transform.

This integration creates a generic interface with Airtable that requires you to pass the name of your Table within your base as the "table" parameter of the action request.

Using this E-Commerce example from Airtable you would access the Furniture table the following way.

  airtable(table: "Furniture") {

Clone the Data Hub Repo

git clone https://github.com/hasura/data-hub cp https://github.com/hasura/data-hub/tree/main/action-transforms/airtable/hasura <your_root_folder_path>

You can use the one-click to deploy on Hasura Cloud to get started quickly

Deploy to Hasura Cloud

Configuring an Action Transform

You'll need the following environment variables into the .env file.

AIRTABLE_BASE_PATH: "https://api.airtable.com/v0/${AIRTABLE_APP_ID}"

Using Hasura CLI you can reload and indicate the .env file name eg. production.env

hasura console --envfile production.env

If you are using Docker you can provide these environment variables along with the rest of your Hasura configuration information.

Locate your API Key in your Airtable settings. If no key exists, you make need to generate a new one.
Airtable API Key Your API base path will be available on a per-base basis. You can find all your Airtable bases here.

Importing an Action Transform

Importing actions and events into Hasura apply one or more actions. Actions based on request configurations and will need metadata to be applied. Events need underlying table structure to trigger the events.

Steps required for this integration:

  • Metadata Apply

Metadata Apply

To apply metadata into your project. You will need:

  1. The Hasura CLI installed.
  2. Run "hasura metadata apply" from the root folder of your Hasura metadata project. In this project, you can find that folder under /hasura.

More information about Hasura CLI can be found in the documentation.

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About Airtable
Transform Airtable REST API to a GraphQL Query/Mutation.
About Airtable
Transform Airtable REST API to a GraphQL Query/Mutation.