Powerful queries out-of-the-box
Query across tables & views with powerful filtering, pagination and pattern search.
Insert Mutations
Insert single or multiple objects. Make upsert operations on conflict to simplify app logic.
Update Mutations
Update objects based on a condition. Update to Increment/multiply directly.
Delete Mutations
Delete one object or in bulk based on a condition.
Realtime with subscriptions & live-queries
Convert any GraphQL query to a live query by using subscriptions.

1) Setup a GraphQL subscription

2) As Postgres data changes...

Orders (postgres table)

3) The UI is updated

Order XX-57 (mobile/web UI)
Dynamic access control that integrates with your auth.
• Create field-level allow & deny rules with dynamic variables
• Create role-based schemas
• Integrate with an existing auth system
Merge Remote GraphQL schemas
Use remote schemas for custom business logic, delegating to HTTP APIs, etc.
Seamlessly merge remote schemas behind a single GraphQL API.
Supports GraphQL servers written in any language/framework, deployed anywhere.
Boilerplates available for popular languages and serverless platforms.
Trigger webhooks on database events
Invoke asynchronous business logic; Use with serverless.
Build reactive UX with GraphQL subscriptions & live-queries.
Powered by native Postgres triggers for reliable capture & delivery of database events.
Available with live-demo apps, tutorials & boilerplates for serverless functions.
Add to an existing, live postgres database
We took Gitlab CE (a complex rails + postgres application), hosted it on DigitalOcean and added GraphQL to it in just a few minutes. Check out the demo below!
Admin UI & Rails inspired schema migrations
As you use the UI to build and manipulate your GraphQL and database schema, Hasura automatically spits out migrations files that you can put in version control.