Optimizing your API for performance at scale

Optimizing your API for performance at scale

Mar 22, 2023
10:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Building performant data APIs is an alchemy of measuring the right things, and knowing which knobs are available to twist. Having a performant and well-tuned API is foundational to delivering a solid user experience to your customers. And having that performance win means minimal overhead on the DevOps team – the foundation of a good developer experience.

Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Technical Product Marketing at Hasura
The Brief

In this webinar, we’ll work together to:

  • Learn about the flow of data through a Hasura project.
  • Instrument our project to get an accurate understanding of where our bottlenecks are.
  • Look at practical examples of mitigating those performance bottlenecks through Hasura’s built-in features and proper data architecture.

Join us for a fun and engaging webinar as we diagnose, redesign, and deliver performant data APIs to build applications even faster.

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